No Need to Learn English

Yet another reason why immigrants needn’t bother to learn English…

Today’s Orange County Register tells of a Spanish Language school where Korean business owners are learning Spanish (click here for complete article).

…mostly middle-age Korean students…are taking language lessons at the Martin Spanish College. Many are small-business owners who do not speak English.

How can you fault them for choosing to put their effort into learning Spanish instead of English? It’s a very practical decision for them, and just another sad indicator of where we’re headed.

The school’s founder, Martin Paik, taught Spanish to Koreans in Buenos Aires, Asuncion, Paraguay and Los Angeles. In 1997, he established a language school in Southern California and now teaches 120 students in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“It’s imperative to know Spanish nowadays,” Paik said in Korean. “Here in California, lots of Koreans work with Hispanic customers and employees. If you can’t speak Spanish, you can’t do business well.”

Paik never learned English. He said he’s been too busy teaching Spanish.

Posted by judyrose July 11, 2006

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  1. You do yourself a serious disservice by not learning the first language of the country in which you live – you will forever be a stranger.

  2. …another step forward for Aztlan; another step backward for the United States of America. Now the Koreans are joining “la raza?” Illegals teaching illegals? Pretty soon we’ll all have to start learning Nahuatl. Look up the word “Aztlan” on the Internet, folks, and you will learn the ultimate goal of illegal immigration. It’s the extinction of American values, culture, language, history, and democracy as we know it. Here they are in Garden Grove, whittling away at the English language. Wake up, America.

  3. That’s right, Minutewoman, so you should just leave! 😉

  4. Well, Spanish has a lot of speakers. I’ve read that it has more native speakers than English. So if you’re in a block where that’s enough, then English shouldn’t theoretically be necessary.

    But I’d guess that English would be fairly easy after Spanish. Sure, spelling English is a bitch and we have so many nuances in the various synonyms from the umpteen languages we borrowed from, but still the cognates would likely make it easier than, say, Swahili.

    And Minutewoman, the eroding of American values isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Traditionally, American values have been centered around the opression of blacks, women and certain other groups. And Nahuatl probably wouldn’t be so bad. It’s agglutinative, IIRC, which is a good feature.

  5. Zooplah, You talk about there being more Spanish speakers than English speakers. I have no idea if that’s true, but even if it is (on a worldwide basis) the point of my post was that people are coming here to the U.S. to make a life, and then not learning the language of this country. There’s nothing wrong with knowing more than one language, in fact, I would say it’s admirable. But if you’re coming here to participate in American society, you should learn English. And if you’re coming here with no intention to participate in American society, then why not just stay home? I believe (and hope) that most people who come to this country want to embrace American values and culture. Speaking English is part of that.

    As for your take on American values, too bad you think they’re centered around oppression. Oppression has existed in this country (to a far lesser degree than in most other places) but we see it as something to be overcome, and which HAS been overcome in great measure. It is hardly the basis of our values.

    By the way, I visited your site and I don’t recognize the language it’s written in. It seems akin to Spanish or Portuguese. What language is it? And what’s the title – something about a crocodile? (Just curious.)

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