Is Killing Them the Only Answer? YES!

Here are a few passages from a fine and disturbing article written by Steven M. Warshawsky for The American Patriot. (It’s worth reading the whole thing, and here’s the link.)

Two recent articles on National Review Online demonstrate what I consider to be the two biggest failures to date in thinking about the War on Terror: a studied refusal by most westerners—including American conservatives who support the war—to admit that we are in a clash of civilizations with militant Islam, and a concomitant failure to recognize that America and her allies have not fought this war with anywhere near the ferocity required to win.

In discussing the second of the two articles, entitled “Hawkish Gloom” by Stanley Kurtz, Warshawsky says:

Kurtz recognizes the deadly seriousness of our present confrontation with militant Islam. He fears “we’re on a slow-motion track” to both world war abroad and nuclear terror at home. But rather than blow the trumpet and rally the troops, Kurtz sighs, shrugs his shoulders, and slumps down in the grip of powerlessness and despair. Or as he puts it, “hawkish gloom.”

…Kurtz further argues that, due to the nature of modern terrorist organizations, “decisive military victory” cannot be achieved against the forces of militant Islam. Implacable? Incapable of being defeated?

With all due respect, this is nonsense. No different than the myth of the invincible Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

The truth is, to date, we have not made any effort to destroy the forces of militant Islam. We have only engaged in limited conventional actions in Afghanistan and Iraq and (supposedly) covert ops worldwide. That’s it. We haven’t mobilized the American people for war. We haven’t destroyed Iran and Syria. We haven’t closed radical mosques or shut down the jihadist propaganda networks. We haven’t conducted targeted assassinations of jihadi leaders across the globe. We haven’t made it clear to the terrorists and their supporters that they cannot win and that they will die.

How can Kurtz be so sure the enemy cannot be defeated? We haven’t even tried.

Warshawsky concludes that, “…the answer is to fight harder, not resign ourselves to an even deadlier future”, and I agree.

We are so damn civilized that we can’t conceive of an enemy that can’t be talked to, can’t be negotiated with, and can’t be motivated by anything we have to offer or threaten. You might as well try to negotiate with cockroaches under your kitchen sink. There is only one answer, and that is to defeat them – that means kill them. That is the only situation under which they will no longer be a danger.

The impracticality of thinking that we can kill each and every Islamofascist in the world is obvious. But we can try to kill as many as possible, and weaken them as a group. We will always have to be on guard for the individual terrorist, here in America and everywhere else in the world. But the dead ones can’t attack us.

That many innocents will die in the conflict is certain. But that can’t be the primary concern. If this war is not fought in earnest, and with a clear determination to win and protect the people, land, culture and values that we hold dear, then we will all die anyway. Many civilians died during World War II. Would you rather that we had never taken up the fight? Would you like to live in a world meekly given over to the likes of Hitler and Tojo? For that is surely where we’re headed if we don’t wise up, and quickly.

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  1. War and deaths only create more terrorists. We will never be able to defeat them all. It would be like trying to get all the crazy Republicans like yourself in America to turn liberal.

  2. Daniel, I’m not talking about people like you. We just have a difference of ideas, but I don’t think you’d be sitting across the negotiation table waiting for your chance to kill me. I think you would come in good faith, even if we disagree. It is tragic, but necessary, for us to face the fact that there are people in this world who want to totally destroy our way of life, and they will go to any lengths to accomplish that. It should be unimaginable, but it is reality. Death means nothing to them – not their own, and not yours. To preserve our lives, acts of self-defense are moral. That’s what I’m talking about. And you don’t have to give a terrorist a chance to kill you before you act. The only thing that makes sense is to stop him first.

    I have voted for many democrats in my life, and many republicans. I vote for the person whose position meshes with my own values irrespective of party. There are democrats (as well as republicans) who are willing to defend this country, and all we hold dear. We are not crazy, Daniel. We are right!

  3. daniel is a member of the “War Is Never The Answer” club. As such, he has his own fantasy world to live in. Tjos of us in the real world know that negotiating with terrorists or terrorist-style governments leads, not to peace, but to more bloodshed.

    War – violence, bloodshed, death – was the answer to the question proferred by Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy. Negotiating merely gave these governments the idea that we were weak, fearful, and unwilling to defend ourselves. The same holds with the radical Islamists.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Benning. I looked at Daniel’s site when I received his comment. He’s very young. Perhaps he’ll come to his senses in time. In his favor, it is probably more difficult for young people to accept that there are real monsters on this planet who are as frightful as the imagined boogeyman in the bedroom closet. After all, they just grew out of the stage where they believed in that boogeyman, and don’t want to contemplate that such creatures exist for real.

    Thanks for your comments on several other posts too.

  5. You can’t negotiate with someone not afraid to die and who’s willing to take several others with them. It’s very obvious and it amazes me that there are still people who believe that terrorists will stop if we just give them what they want.

  6. Anna, It amazes me too. It seems so obvious. We have all these incidents as evidence, and people still don’t acknowledge what they tell us about the enemy. I guess the best we can do is to keep talking about it and hope more people see the light. (Thanks for your comment.)

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