Wonderful Pictures – Volume 2

img_0015_edited.JPGIf every picture is worth 1,000 words, you can consider yourself saved from a very long post indeed. We just got a digital camera – our first. There is much more manual to read, but like with any new toy, you want to play, not read. So we took it outside just to see what would happen. This dragonfly sat still just long enough to be immortalized.

Now I’ll share a few other pictures (plucked off the internet) that you may enjoy.

Ever wonder what cherries look like before they’re picked?


These are gooseberries. Hairy little critters, aren’t they?

Having the new camera got me interested in closeups. These are dahlia petals.


No photo gallery is complete without some wildlife. Here’s a sweet Mom and Baby shot of Canada Geese.

Can’t forget kitty cats. This is one of my favorite Cheetah pictures.

Are you smiling yet?

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  1. I liked the apprehensive mother and secured baby geese photo. Do you have in larger resolution?

  2. JV, I just got it off the internet by going to Yahoo images, or Google images (I don’t remember which one). If you do a photo search for “Canada Geese” you may find it too. I don’t know how to change the resolution. But you may be able to play with it, if you know about those things. Sorry I can’t help you more.

  3. Great pictures! The dragonfly photo brought to mind the Paul McCartney tune of the same name. Dunno why, but a dragonfly always makes that tune pop into my head. I’m not complaining.


  4. Great pictures, judyrose!

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