I Will Never Forget

(This post also appears on my other blog Writing English. I was due for a post there today, but “business as usual” didn’t seem appropriate.)

wtc.jpgIt was just about time for me to get up. My husband was already busy watching the early stock market reports on TV. As I was contemplating whether I could sneak another ten minutes, he came into the bedroom and said, “You won’t believe what just happened. A plane hit the World Trade Center.” My immediate thought was that it must have been a small private plane. I clicked on the television and sat up in bed, staring in disbelief at the screen as it became clear that it was not a small plane, and it was not an accident.

My boss called to tell me not to come to work. Nobody knew if L.A. was about to become another target, and our office was in one of the tallest buildings.

As the morning progressed, we watched aghast as the towers fell. We were able to call our relatives in the East and confirm that everybody was OK. We learned that the front lawn of my parents’ home in the middle of Brooklyn was littered with computer printout pages that had flown all the way from lower Manhattan when the buildings collapsed. I think I have never felt such rage as I did that morning. And I cried; for those who died, for their families, for our wonderful New York City, for America, for myself.

Now, five years later, I will never forget the people who lost their lives, and those who lost their loved ones. And I will never forget the people who did this. Never.

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  1. Here is another outcome – on the same day – over one hundred years ago.


    May we all find peace ~

  2. Amazing how quickly some Americans have forgotten! From a desire to destroy a President with whom they ardently disagree, to some suicidal tendency to see a great nation destroyed, these Americans claim that 9/11 was an inside job, a Jewish conspiracy, a just response from aggrieved Muslims, and so on.

    Yet, how can any rational person see the images of that day and not feel horror, anger, dismay? Yet they do fail. And they choose to mis-remember what so many of us saw for ourselves.

    I barely remember the JFK assassination – we were sent home from school. I remember watching Oswald being shot by Ruby because I was helping (I was eight-years-old!) Dad with some shelves while the TV was on. The RFK and MLK murders were, for me, all a part of the Vietnam conflagration and so held little immediate power for me. I watched the Challenger explosion, amazed at the Mission Control announcer who was not aware of what we were seeing. But that has faded over the ensuing years.

    But I do remember, will not forget, what I watched the morning of September 11th of 2001. And I will never understand the venom of those who perpetrated this vile attack, nor of those who would excuse it. Perhaps I am finally an adult. Or just finally self-aware in a way I hadn’t been before.

    Marvelous post, Judy Rose! Well done!

  3. Five Years Ago …

    Five years after the 9/11 attacks, do we honor the dead? Do we honor the promise of those who gave their all for their fellow Americans? Five years later have we succumbed to fatigue and hopelessness? Are we ready to surrender to the same rabid filth t…

  4. Wise words, Benning. I too wonder how anyone can overlook the obvious in trying to explain these acts.
    Some just ached to get back to “life as usual” and didn’t want to think about it, so numbness and blindness were their answers.

    “Yet, how can any rational person see the images of that day and not feel horror, anger, dismay? Yet they do fail. And they choose to mis-remember what so many of us saw for ourselves.”

    The people you’re talking about DO feel horror, anger and dismay, but they direct it at the wrong source. I don’t think they mis-remember. I think they choose (your very appropriate word) to twist and use this event for purposes of their own. Though it’s a terrible thing to say about anyone, the world is filled with people like that.

    Don’t ask of yourself that you understand the vile acts of evil people, only ask that you know evil when you see it, and condemn it as such.

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