It’s Time for Some More Wonderful Pictures

I’m tired of Bill Clinton’s meltdown, the latest airport security rules, and wondering whether it’s safe to start eating spinach again. So here are some terrific baby animal pictures to put the focus back on what’s important.










All of these pictures came from Yahoo News photos or Yahoo images, and I would love to credit the great photographers, if I only knew who they were. Yes, I admit to a special prejudice for kitties of all stripes (and spots) but looking at these pictures, can you blame me?

Happy Wednesday everybody!

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  1. so cute..the newness of life
    : )
    thanks for brightening everyone’s day!

  2. Great pictures, Judyrose! I have a great picture, too! The story behind it will bring tears to your eyes!

  3. Hi Anna, I saw your picture. I’d like to see it on the front of the NY Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post and every other major newspaper in the country, but I don’t think I will.

  4. Nope, they wouldn’t put in the papers because it’s something good about our soldiers!

  5. Anna, You know that expression “No news is good news?” Well, I think the media have adopted an expression, “Good news is not news.”

  6. I like your photos! It gives me more reasons why to live my life to the fullest!!!!!
    All are amazing…just like you and me.heheheheheh

  7. they are s cute i love them

  8. They’re so cute

  9. hey

  10. these are so cute!!!! i could cuddle them all

  11. ooh i just love little babies!!! they are just soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!! i could feel so alive if i got to live a life with helping these babies! watch them grow and cry when they are gone! lol i’m a cat fanatic!!!

  12. so cute!!

  13. Where do you live because i heard that snow leopards live up in Asia and i wanted to ask you how old the baby leopards are.And those pictures are wonderful i love them.

    • Hello Dominic,
      I live in the United States. You’re right about Snow Leopards being native to Asia. The ones we have here are in zoos. I’m only guessing at the age of the cub shown in these pictures, but I’d say it’s just a few months old. I think the same is true for the African Leopards as well. What do you think?

  14. These are truly beautiful

  15. SO CUTE I want to EAT THEM UP!!
    (well not really! But you know what I mean…)


  16. this is so cute

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