Monster of the 21st Century

I haven’t written anything about the war in the Middle East, principally because other blogs, like bookwormroom, for example, are handling the issues so well. But I would like to share a Letter to the Editor I read in Saturday’s Orange County Register. It was written by Kevin Diamant, of Irvine, CA.

I am sick of all the ignorant letter-writers who blame Israel for the violence in the Middle East. Israel was created as a Jewish homeland after World War II so that the Jews would never again be without someone to fight for them. The Jews took a worthless strip of desert and made it bloom and introduced democracy to the region.

In her first 25 years Israel was attacked three times by the enemies that surround her and forced to fight for her life. When they found that they could not defeat her in a conventional war, her enemies turned to terrorism and began deliberately targeting unarmed, unsuspecting civilians. This tactic is a direct challenge to civilized society and cannot be supported by sane reasoning. What sort of world would we have if anyone with a grievance strapped on a bomb and headed for the nearest public gathering place? Yes, civilians die when Israel defends herself, but, unlike the terrorists, civilian death is not what Israel seeks.

Israel frequently eschews bombs and missiles and puts her soldiers at great risk in close-quarters fighting so that civilian lives may be spared. When civilians are killed, it is often because the terrorists hide among them. Those who see Israel’s actions as morally equivalent to the terrorists’ actions put us all on a slippery slope toward a world in which no one will be safe.

I fear for a world in which so many people cannot tell the difference between good and evil, or who lack the courage to name evil for what it is. Right now Israel is standing toe to toe with the monster of the 21st century, and she deserves our unflagging support.

I especially like the last paragraph, in which Mr. Diamant calls terrorists the “monster of the 21st century.” He got it right. To me, a monster is something that can’t be reasoned with, so must be killed. Despite the cease fire and international monitoring that may eventually come out of the diplomatic efforts underway, I cannot see how there will ever be a meeting of the minds without a complete turnabout in the thinking of Israel’s (and our) enemies. I am very pessimistic about that happening. Personally, I’d rather just see Israel finish the job.

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