No Need to Learn English

Yet another reason why immigrants needn’t bother to learn English…

Today’s Orange County Register tells of a Spanish Language school where Korean business owners are learning Spanish (click here for complete article).

…mostly middle-age Korean students…are taking language lessons at the Martin Spanish College. Many are small-business owners who do not speak English.

How can you fault them for choosing to put their effort into learning Spanish instead of English? It’s a very practical decision for them, and just another sad indicator of where we’re headed.

The school’s founder, Martin Paik, taught Spanish to Koreans in Buenos Aires, Asuncion, Paraguay and Los Angeles. In 1997, he established a language school in Southern California and now teaches 120 students in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“It’s imperative to know Spanish nowadays,” Paik said in Korean. “Here in California, lots of Koreans work with Hispanic customers and employees. If you can’t speak Spanish, you can’t do business well.”

Paik never learned English. He said he’s been too busy teaching Spanish.

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Illegal Immigration: Answer to the Social Security Crisis?

Can someone in Washington be thinking that allowing illegal immigrants to participate in the Social Security system will shore up the worker-to-retiree ratio and save the system? I’m just waiting for some politician to tell us that this is one of the great benefits of granting amnesty to illegals.

If I remember correctly from my days as a Social Security employee back in the 1970s, for people who work in the lowest paying jobs, the ratio between what they pay into the system vs. what they will be entitled to receive makes them a net drain on the fund.

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